We offer tax preparation services and help with the IRS Letter's and notices.

  • Individuals


    If you are an Employee, Self-Employed, Sub-contractor, or if you have other type of income, We can help you to prepare and file your taxes taking all of the deductions and credits you are eligible for.

  • Business

    We can prepare and file the tax returns that are required for your business, looking for every deduction possible, discuss with you your options, and perform your tax compliance work accurately and on time.

  • IRS Letter's

    Did You Get a Letter From the IRS? These can typically be informative and you don't need to take any action, however if it's something bigger like an audit, we can help you with all the paperwork.


What We Do?



How it Works?

3 Easy Steps

  • Contact Us

    We'll give you a private session with a dedicated tax-professional to gather all the information that we need to help you to prepare your taxes.

  • We do your taxes

    We'll look for any possible tax-deduction to maximize your refund, and explain to you in detail the tax calculation.

  • Ready to E-file

    Once the process is completed, we'll proceed to E-file your taxes to the corresponding agencies. If you have a refund you can track it using the IRS toll "where is my refund"


Services and Prices

  • Personal tax services (form 1040) *Special Price*

  • Personal tax services for individuals and families (form 1040)

  • Personal tax services (form 1040 and Schedule C)

    Starting at $180
  • Personal tax services for Au Pair *Special price*


Ready to E-file?

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