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We can help you to choose the right type of  legal entity!


What We Do?

  • New Business

    Not sure which business structure is right for you? we are here to help you decide and take care of all the paperwork.



How it Works?

3 Easy Steps

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    We'll give you a free session to  make sure that you choose the best type of business that suits you.

  • Download the Check List

    This is the documentation that you will need.

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  • We handle forms and filing

    We'll gather everything we need from you and file the documentation with the appropriate agencies.


Services and Packages

  • The simplest and cheapest way to run an one-owner Business.

  • Thinking in Partnering? Manage the Business together and split profits

  • Protection for your personal assets and tax flexibility!

  • C Corp or S Corp? We will help you choose the best one for you!


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