Quickbooks Services

There is a path that starts inside each of us. It leads from where you are today. It's a journey that will transform your life. let's go down that path.  We will be there to keep you going, every step of the way. Take the firs step and start today.

  • Individuals

    Ready to file your Taxes?

    If you are an Employee, Self-Employed, Sub-contractor, or if you have other type of income, We can help you to prepare and file your taxes taking all of the deductions and credits you are eligible for.

  • Business

    Business can take many forms!

    We can prepare and file the tax returns that are required for your business, looking for every deduction possible, discuss with you your options, and perform your tax compliance work accurately and on time.


We Can Also Help You With: FOURLANE

  • Setup

  • Implementation

  • Data conversion

  • Bookkeeping

  • Training

  • Consulting

We Can Also Help You With:

  • Previous Tax Yeas

  • Amended

  • Tax Extension

  • Tax Letters

  • Tax Planing

  • Sole-Proprietorship

    The Simplest and Cheapest way to Organize an one-owner Business.

  • Partnership and LLP

    Thinking in Partnering? Manage the Business together and split profits.

  • LLC's

    Protection for your personal assets and tax flexibility, is that what you are looking for?

  • Corporation's

    C Corp or an S Corp? We will help you choose the best structure and set up your business  in the right way.

  • Clean and simple. All you need to start

  • Allow your visitors to make reservations and online payments

  • Let's build some complex and custom web solutions for you


We do your Bookkeeping and/or Payroll

Each month, your bookkeeper imports your business transactions and gets to work on your books. If they need anything from you, they’ll get in touch.

We get you set up

First, we’ll introduce you to a dedicated bookkeeper. They’ll get to know your business, show you how Start Point, LLC works, and help you choose the best Bookkeeping and/or Payroll Package for your needs. Once this process is completed, we will gather everything we need from you.

We deliver Tax-ready financials

You will have access from your Mobile-app to track your business health with real-time and monthly financial reports. At tax time, we send a package with everything you need to file. Or, let us do it for you.